You could be submitting your next proposal for a business critical deal with an A&N WebPitch®.


Or your competition could. 

Introducing: WebPitch®

We transform B2B proposals into beautiful and immersive web experiences, designed to resonate with today's B2B audience.


Built to resonate

B2B Buyers live for digital content. In fact, 75% of B2B Buyers reported that the winning vendor’s digital content had a significant impact on their buying decisions - Demand Gen Buyers Survey Report.

An A&N developed WebPitch is created to communicate your key product/service messages in the format proven most likely to resonate with today's B2B Buyer.

"WebPitch looks great! As a buyer I would love to see more interactive proposals that really convey the understanding of the business and buyers needs. Gone are the days of paper and spreadsheets!"
- Richard Glassell

Indirect Buyer, Betty's & Taylor's Group

Unmatched Insight Powered by

WebPitch is embedded with insightful user-action tracking, so you can see every click, interaction and session spent reviewing your proposal.

We also utilise Hotjar heat-map and session recording analytics, so you can watch exactly how your audience interacts with your WebPitch. 




Your WebPitch is fully password protected and hidden from search engines, so no need to worry about unwanted visitors. 

You control who gets to access your WebPitch, ensuring your IP is diligently protected.  

Designed to


Your WebPitch is designed and edited in full by the business development team at A&N.


Not only do you get a beautifully designed medium to showcase your business; our expert copy-writers are on hand to help you craft your winning message.  


Intuitive Convenience

In a cafe, on a plane, train or in the comfort of their own home, your audience can digest your proposal wherever they are.

Fully optimised for tablet and mobile viewing, your WebPitch encourages consumption by meeting your audience where they are, whilst your competitor's documents sit on the desk.

Your Digital Playground Awaits


Photo Galleries


Uploads and weblinks


User insights and notifications


Videos, animations and dynamic backgrounds


Feedback forms and surveys


Live Chat

94% of Buyers agree that making content easy to consume was an important factor when choosing a winning vendor

- 2019 Demand Gen Report

Supercharge Your


Did You Know?


Our team has extensive bid writing and management experience: having led over £320m of new business gains.

Supercharge your WebPitch and select any one of our 'Go-To' services to leverage our full B2B expertise: including: 

  • Bid management

  • Video production

  • Copy writing, review and proofing

  • Executive summary production



We've created three tiers to meet the most common WebPitch demands. 

Whether you simply want something impactful and unique to supplement your existing soft copy documents, or you want to create a total immersive digital experience for your audience , the choice is yours. 


Are you ready to revolutionise your next proposal?

An A&N developed WebPitch is the ultimate way to achieve the creative competitive edge and influence your audience.

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Before someone else does.