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The SalesTech landscape is rapidly expanding.
Navigate the galaxy of solutions with a partner who knows how to separate the weak from the truly transformational.

Researching, integrating and adopting new technology can be a thankless task. But it shouldn't stand in the way of your progression. 

That's why we've developed our SalesTech Integration Services, a continually evolving tech framework that identifies top performing Sales Tech.

"B2B Sales has turned from an art into a science."
- McKinsey

We research, review and integrate established and emerging Sales Technology.

SalesTech integration services are a way of helping businesses adopt new technology that helps them to grow.

Avoid the pitfalls and challenges associated with choosing and adopting new technology and say goodbye to technical debt.

Our SalesTech selection and review criteria ensures only the strong survive. 

Technology must enable, empower and enhance your business. That why we interrogate every aspect of a tech solution's claims: to ensure your investment receives the maximum return.

A&N typically expect to negotiate 20% savings vs. retail value of leading SalesTech software

Does it save time?

Our 6-step review process is designed to stress test SalesTech to its limits. We're not fooled by technical jargon, inflated feature sets and promises of overnight transformations.


As experts in digital growth, we're able to measure the value of the Tech objectively, impartially and technically.


We'll always be the first to know about the latest emerging trends, start-ups and market disruptors, meaning you get to reap the benefits of early adoption.

Today’s sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling and the rest managing administrative tasks. We don't think that's right.
SalesTech can dramatically help to redress the balance.

Want to gain a better understanding of the SalesTech Landscape? Check out SalesHacker's 2019 high level guide to the expanding world of SalesTech.

Thomas Charles Mitchell | Executive Director

What's the purpose of SalesTech? What does it mean?!

"SalesTech" is the term given to any technology created to supplement a businesses sales activity. It should remove complexity, save time and create opportunities. You should be able to demonstrate a measurable ROI on SalesTech - if not: it's probably not worth looking at.

Can't I just search for my own SalesTech: why do I need a specialist?

Yes, you can; but prepare yourself.
At the last count, there's over 900 mainstream Sales Tech providers across an expansive landscape of applications. Objectively identifying the best to meet your growth aspiration, before trialing and integrating the right solution is a complex, time-intensive task.
Among other benefits, appointing A&N to facilitate the process:

  • Reduces the risks inherent with adopting new technology
  • Provides an objective specialist capable of interrogating the ins-and-outs of the Sales Tech
  • Significantly reduces the risk of taking on future technical debt

Can you give me some top SalesTech tips?

We're seeing some really great advances in standardising and optimising the research process. Custom-built and subscription based web-indexing/scrapers can save 100's of hours of research if properly configured.
Call-based lead generation is experiencing a resurgence, and some of the AI driven insight, predominantly processing voice analytics is helping business qualify their telemarketing leads far more consistently.
Predictive analytics focusing on measurable behaviours are starting to show real potential. The holy grail 'one-best-way' of sales is still a long way off - but tools built to help companies define which repeatable, specific behaviours convert into winning results are starting to make a real difference. That's all you're getting for now!

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