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Strategic, creative and technical B2B growth expertise has a new home.
Secure the ultimate competitive advantage with a partner whose business exists to grow yours. 

Bid and copy writing, proposal development, creative design, project management, presentation production...


We know first-hand the complexity and breadth of expertise required to win big and win consistently. That's why we created "Go-To" services: one partner to manage the noise and let you focus on what you do best. 

Did You Know?
Our very own co-founders have experience winning over £320 MILLION in lifetime revenue gains

We provide essential sales support functions - as a service! 

Whether you need to bring in the big guns for a critical bid, or simply require some additional expert support to reduce the strain on your existing resource, we're here to help. 

We don't have a definitive list of services to detail: that's the point! Our in-house SME's can manage the majority of B2B sales support tasks.

If not, we'll draw on one of our meticulously selected, best-in-class approved partners to support, but you'll only ever deal with your A&N single point of contact. 

Need inspiration? Check out our in-house capability:

There's a major advantage to choosing A&N as your
Go To partner.
We incorporate our advanced digital know-how into our services: meaning we do things quicker, slicker and our methods are always at the cutting edge of tech. 
Day Support

What is it: Ad-hoc, as-and-when sales support.


Duration: 1-day minimum engagement.

Perfect for: Bid/proposal reviews, copy-writing, presentation production, strategic consultancy, photography, videography and supporting your WebPitch production.

Benefits: Rest assured if you're looking for a (not-so) marginal gain, A&N are ready to step up. Expect expert technical support and advice, all whilst dealing with a single point of contact.


What is it? Project-based work.

Duration: 5-day minimum engagement.

Perfect for: Bid management, proposal production, event management, advanced graphic work, research projects.

Benefits: Better value than a day support engagement, expect the same end-to-end expertise regardless of what tasks you set us. 


What is it? Our exclusive partnership for long-term specialist practical and strategic sales support.


Duration: 3 Months minimum engagement.

Perfect for: Business critical (national/international) bid support, outsourced department services, digital/practical combination projects.

Benefits: 100% Exclusivity. That's right, complete peace of mind that you've got the strongest B2B support partner in your team, batting for you.  Naturally, you'll receive your very own dedicated Success Manager. The ultimate competitive advantage 💥

Did You Know? 
84% of today’s sales leaders don’t think they have the team to succeed - CSO Insights
But they haven't engaged A&N yet...

Take advantage of our introductory free 1-hour business growth consultation. Tell us your growth challenge, ambition or opportunity and we'll help you to establish a plan of action. But hurry, we won't be running the offer forever...

What do they say about us?

"David's help and guidance through mentoring allowed me to succeed in multiple goals, both in a personal and professional manner."

- Josh Abel
Business Development Director


Compass Group

David Alexander Vipond | Company Director

What's the main benefit of having a 'Go-To' partner?

Peace of mind. To know that you can always pick up the phone to a single point of contact, and rest easy in the comfort that you've got truly expert support on tap, regardless of whether it's design, technical or strategic work. Not having to conduct an orchestra of thousands whilst you're in sales mode: it's a powerful asset to have.

What if you don't provide a service we require?

Good question. In that event, we'd reccomend that you enable us to procure the required service on your behalf. We know what good looks like: and we've got extensive experience successfully managing agencies and contractors. We'll manage the delivery in full: maintaining your single point of contact and naturally, we'll take full accountability for delivering the end product.

Any tips to help me build a successful growth culture?

1) Understand the power of marginal gains. Better design, slicker copy-writing, inventive concepts, SalesTech advantages; they all add up to supplement your overall chance of winning.

2) Be different and be personal. There's so much content out there that buyers are fast becoming de-sensitised. Personalised, unique content really makes the difference.

3) Invest in understanding how your customer WANTS to buy. It might seem obvious, but we see this mistake made every day. Knowing the journey your typical buyer/customer wants to be on should dictate the way in which you sell. Meet them where they are and stop trying to shoehorn them into your funnel.

4) Get into the habit of learning. Set aside time daily to educate youself and your teams. Even if it's only a couple minutes to read a respected blog, or catching up on the latest podcast. Keep your mind well-nourished and don't fall into the complacency trap.

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