WebPitch: Compound Gains

WebPitch has got us pretty excited. As ex-business development professionals, anything that helps us to understand our audience, gives us a competitive edge, resonates with our audience and let’s face it - looks super flashy - is bound to!

We’ve had our WebPitch landing page online for about 12 days now. We’ve had buyer, seller and c-suite endorsement. The interest has been incredible.

But what’s been really illuminating is the insight we’ve gained after such a short period of time. Specifically, how visitors interact with our site.

We use the same click maps and analytics on aninsight.co.uk as we do with WebPitch - and already we’ve identified areas to refine, optimise and remove friction. The more traffic we drive to our site – the better we can understand how visitors interact with our content. In just a few months, I’m confident that we’ll have a finely tuned site that gives our visitors the best possible buying experience.

WebPitch works in exactly the same way. The more we produce for you, the greater the analytical insight you gain into your prospect’s habits, interests and areas of focus. This is where it gets really exciting…

Think about buyer profiles. What if we identify the common content consumption trends that accompany a particular buyer ‘type’? We can begin tailoring each WebPitch from the outset to better resonate with each particular profile.

Every WebPitch gets smarter and more targeted. The sooner we begin, the sooner we can start analysing the data with you. That’s the thing about data insights – they can’t be cheated – early adopters WILL come out on top.

The content that matters most to your audience gets put front and centre; and your chances of success? Increased. Simple.

Your competitors? Good luck getting that kind of insight with their hard/soft copy submissions.


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