The Fine Art of Web Tailoring. Make Sure You're the Best Fit for Your Buyers.

I've worked for large enterprise businesses before and I've never thought to understand or care about SEO (search engine optimisation). Since joining forces with a team far more savvy in the voodoo of web development, I’m left wondering about all the opportunities I missed during my business development days.

Hate to break it to you, but your business isn’t so unique it will sit at the top of every Google search. Get your elbows out, be smart and develop a measurable SEO strategy and after a short while, watch the leads flood in.

We’ve been crunching the data to compile our own top ten SEO tips to transform your inbound fortunes, so stay tuned for that one... In the meantime, here’s some ‘gold dust’ for you to consider.

Have you ever considered building multiple 'Micro Sites'?

...Do you know what a 'Micro Site' is?


Well you’re in luck…

Say you’re a multi-national enterprise, then it might not be feasible to change your entire website’s message to resonate with every single buying motive. Fair enough. Typically, large corporate websites are used to promote awareness and not to generate leads.

Enter: The Micro Site.

This is a stand-alone ‘mini’ website (or ‘landing page’ to some) that’s completely tailored to specific buying motives.

For example: A potential buyer types in ‘best (blank) services in London for improving employee wellbeing’ into Google. Instead of landing on your generic website – they’ll be directed to your targeted micro site or ‘landing page,' that conveys - you guessed it - the benefits of your company in relation to employee wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing alexander and neighbour
Is this more likely to resonate with a buyer whose searched for Health and Wellbeing?

There will be a prominent CTA (Call to action) that directs the buyer to the relevant SME or salesperson…no switchboards, no missed opportunities. But why did they see the micro site instead of the generic company website? Keywords and a targeted Google Ads campaign linked directly to your micro site. Genius and personalised. It might sound complex, but with the right know-how, you could be realising the lead generative power of your own tailored micro sites within days. It's also a damn site cheaper than redesigning and editing your entire company website. Pretty clever right!?


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