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"We drastically boost organisational velocity. Most tech platforms today are silos of information. Dooly is a transactor of it. When information moves faster through the business, everyone wins." In this week’s SalesTech Spotlight, we’re talking to Kris Hartvigsen, Founder of Sales Enablement Platform, Dooly.

Thanks for taking the time to chat. To start, tell us what Dooly is.

Dooly = superpowers for sales.

In short:

1) Never do Salesforce admin again. Take notes in Dooly and everything gets pushed to Salesforce automatically. Save 8 hours a week and get the CRM police off your back.

2) See your entire pipeline in Dooly and make updates in one-click. Stay out of the Salesforce “dirty dash” and easily keep everyone updated on every deal, in seconds.

3) Never get caught off guard again. Get real-time talking points, kill sheets, and collateral delivered live on your sales calls based on what your prospects say.

Tell us about your ‘aha moment’ – what inspired you to create a sales tech solution, specifically Dooly's real-time playbook engine?

As a sales leader, you rarely have enough time to coach your team to their full potential because you're in the weeds triaging and trying to get clean data which is tough in a fast-paced environment where you can't make up for lost time. Even worse, 84% of sales training content is forgotten within 90 days, and 80% of content created for sales teams never makes it to a single customer.

Enter Dooly's real-time sales playbooks. When you deliver talking points, kill sheets, and collateral immediately in a moment of truth, you've created a scalable engine that allows you to replicate your best performers to win more so you can:

Grow with ease. Reduce employee onboarding and shorten ramp time with predictable and repeatable playbooks.

Maximise productivity. Intelligently surface the best content so your team can focus on selling, not searching.

Know what wins. Discover which content performs best so you can focus your optimisation efforts on areas with the highest returns.

We see you raised $1.5m USD in a Seed round back in May 2018 (Congrats!) – how was the funding utilised, and when will you be looking at Series A funding?

We had early signals of product-market fit when we raised, with several big players in the market finding us instead of the other way around. The bulk of our funding went to doubling down on that fit - continuing to build out the platform, so it scaled for larger companies, but this is the crucial part - without becoming a big clunky piece of unusable software.

You start raising your next round the moment your last round is done – at least that's how it feels!

We'll likely raise in the next few quarters but have not made that call yet.

How do you see Dooly developing further in two years time, and how are you driving that development?

If you think about what Dooly does today, we solve problems for customer-facing teams, with an emphasis on removing any and all admin work from their day. We'll continue to build on that footprint, layering in more superpowers to boost salesperson efficiency and effectiveness. But, we'll eventually expand beyond the sales business case to areas like legal, HR, etc.

Everyone hates the admin part of their job. Our job is to build what I call "Un-Terprise Software" that removes the tedium from someone's day!

At Alexander & Neighbour, we are driven by objective statistics: we love them. Any fact bombs you could drop on us?

65% of any seller's day is spent not selling, which means you're paying a high salary for one of the LEAST productive resources in the business. What eats up that time? Primarily admin work.

Sellers don't like it and, frankly, neither should their employers. What makes that stat even worse is that less than 20% of their deal narrative makes its way back to the business.

Interestingly, we ask a lot of our customers what Dooly has done for their business. The most common answer is that we drastically boost organisational velocity. Most tech platforms today are silos of information. Dooly is a transactor of it. When information moves faster through the business, everyone wins.

On a micro-level, companies do tests to see the difference in performance between a heavy Dooly user and someone with their own system. The difference in CRM hygiene and overall sales performance is pretty staggering, with the worst performers correlating highly to how much information they share and consume and often getting managed out the business.

What's been your own biggest growth challenge to date?

Sales is a busy, noisy space. We ask end-users to fall in love with us and, because they've been snake-bitten by so many terrible solutions in the past, they often are resistant to switching from their own jury-rigged system. It comes with the territory – salespeople are looking for the path of least resistance.

Dooly is built by sales, for sales. It only takes 90 seconds to set up.

Sign up now and see for yourself:

In a nutshell: how does Dooly help businesses to grow?

I ask salespeople all the time, "how do you earn your paycheque?"

The answer is pretty obvious. But I follow it up with, "how do you spend your day?" The two answers are at odds with each other. Dooly helps businesses grow by letting sales reps earn their paycheck unencumbered.

When reps are free to sell, they sell more, they churn less, and the handover delivery to others in the business lets others perform at their peak as well. Quality in. Quality out.

As an entrepreneur, what do you wish your 20-year-old self knew?

Don't worry about what others think.

I gave my son a saying for his wall for Christmas last year, "Don't spend so much time trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out."

Words to live by if you want to be an entrepreneur. Fearlessly be yourself and don't be afraid to take chances... The world needs you to.

Lastly, any top tips to help any entrepreneurs grow their own business?

Hire A's. In every role. Always.

Hiring B's and C's is like dropping an anchor in the water while trying to sail into the wind. I've definitely made hiring mistakes in the business and didn't course-correct quick enough.

Those hires cost you more than you can imagine. It's cliché but hire fast, fire faster.






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