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"In terms of the kind of statistics Diginius clients have seen, they’ve experienced as much as a 175% increase in clicks, 553% increase in conversion rate, and 256% increase in conversions!" In this week’s SalesTech Spotlight, we’re talking to Nate Burke, CEO of B2B Lead Intelligence Software, Diginius.

We really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. To start, can you tell us about Diginius and your Lead Intelligence software?

Diginius provide solutions to help companies create successful, consolidated marketing strategies.

While we have an agency arm to our organisation and manage several marketing campaigns for clients, our process is underpinned consistently by technological solutions, and we are ultimately a tech company.

This is why we’ve developed a platform to aid efficiency and understanding when it comes to managing online campaigns.

Our Lead Intelligence software is a tool within the platform, but it’s all about providing companies with a holistic overview of how they are performing online.

What attracted you to the world of sales intelligence and precisely a solution for lead generation?

As a company, we’re all about clarity. We believe having visibility into your online business is the key to success. We see our Lead Intelligence software as a solution to this.

We’ve found while working with several companies in various sectors, that one of the key issues companies are struggling with is knowing where to focus the attention of their sales team.

By giving companies access to qualified leads, we aim to limit the amount of time companies spend generating leads, and ensure their efforts are targeted towards consumers that are interested in what they have to offer.

Diginius Insight supports businesses by optimising your user’s online strategy, tell us about that?

Diginius Insight consolidates data from across your different online channels, to ensure companies are provided with an overview of their online business.

Through this, companies are given transparency into their performance, which helps to align focus and allows them to make smarter business decisions. It can be especially enlightening for companies who aren’t managing the campaigns themselves, as it allows them to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in their marketing.

Alongside data integration, the account also includes some exciting tools, like the Lead Intelligence module, which tracks site visitors.

There are also some automation tools to help with campaign management, and automated reporting to save time for companies which usually spend hours pulling reports together.

In 2016, Diginius was named Best Sales & Marketing Software Solutions provider by Acquisition International, how has the software developed since then to today?

We’re constantly adjusting our platform to ensure it is up-to-date with developments in the space.

There have been several additional integrations to the software since 2016, and further automation technology that we’ve produced. As always, these changes are driven by the consumer and are produced to solve problems.

We see visibility as one key issue for our clients and time as another. The software has evolved since 2016, firstly to give a complete overview of our client's online marketing, and secondly to help them save time in their digital marketing.

At Alexander & Neighbour, objective statistics drive us: we love them. Any fact bombs you could drop on us?

As a data-driven company, statistics are at the core of everything we do as well, and we monitor the success of our clients closely.

In terms of the kind of statistics Diginius clients have seen, they’ve experienced as much as a 175% increase in clicks, 553% increase in conversion rate and a 256% increase in conversions!

We also recently saw that, according to an Oracle survey, 63% of CMO’s are struggling to get the insights they need.

Diginius Insight is a direct response to this issue, which we believe, in a market saturated with digital marketing agencies, sets us apart from those around us.

Not all B2B businesses see the potential of driving sales leads through their website. Where can a business start if they wanted to use their website to its full potential?

Most people, if they can’t see the value their website is bringing, fail to see how it is a useful asset to them.

In this day and age, a website is central to success, even for companies that haven’t traditionally done business in this way. If tracking is set up correctly, and companies can accurately see the volume of traffic on their site and the activity of the users, they will begin to understand the value of an online presence.

As a starting point, understanding the data and tracking activity on the site is the best thing to do. Then you can start building out an online strategy from there.

In a nutshell: how does Diginius help businesses to grow?

We’re all about ensuring companies have all the necessary tools in place to ensure growth is a possibility. We’re not attempting to transform the world, by any means, but we believe in clarity and understanding when it comes to managing everything online.

As long as our clients have intelligent insights to help them make the best decisions for their business, then we believe growth is inevitable.

We’re also very involved in helping our clients build strategies that will work for them. If there are changes in the market, or new channels emerging that could be beneficial for our clients, we’re keen to provide suggestions to ensure their online businesses are always developing and growing.

Diginius Insight measures the entire online footprint of a business in one platform, how will the business continue to develop this in the next 24 months?

Developments are always happening when it comes to the software. It’s continually evolving, based around changes in technology and marketing, but mostly based on the feedback of our customers.

If a customer approaches us and is keen to include a particular integration, we’ll do our best to make sure we can do that for them.

It’s sort of impossible to determine how the business and technology will develop in 24 months, as we’ll be adapting to transformations in the ever-evolving space...

Saying that we do have some fascinating new developments with our industry partners happening, so watch this space!

As an entrepreneur, what do you wish your 20 year-old self knew?

I think if I were to give any advice to my 20 year-old self, it’s not to put arbitrary timescales on your success.

Working to business deadlines is essential, but if you’re looking far ahead when it comes to your goals, you’re taking your mind out of what needs to be the focus at the time.

Lastly, any top tips to help any entrepreneurs grow their own business?

Always focus on the consumer.

Growing a business is all about solving a problem. As long as you understand what issues the consumer is dealing with, and your motivation is to help them overcome that issue, then your business will thrive.



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