SalesTech 101: Tom's Top Tips

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Ahead of our brand new ‘SalesTech Spotlight‘ feature, Alexander & Neighbour's Executive Director shares his personal SalesTech top tips...

Sorry, Sales tech is not the answer to all of your questions

Businesses often look to flashy tools and technology without first understanding why. Even some of the largest enterprise sales teams fail to establish the fundamentals before investing heavily into technology to fix their growth challenge. Before investing in SalesTech – nail the basics:

· Establish a formal, dynamic, buyer-centric sales process

· Maximise your CRM potential

· Optimise the buyer journey across your digital platforms

· Personalise the digital experience i.e. unique landing pages linked to optimised ad campaigns

· Align sales and marketing.

· Align sales and marketing.

· Did I forget to mention? Align sales and marketing.

SalesTech will compliment your underlining process, not the other way around.

An idiot with sales technology, is still an idiot

Closely linked to number 3, sales technology won’t give you the answers unless you know the right questions to ask. SalesTech should seamlessly integrate within your sales funnel, not sit outside it. Harness SalesTech correctly and you will forecast and budget accurately through predictive analytics, coach and mentor your teams proactively (not reactively), tailor your proposition to the desired buyer experience and gain a competitive advantage in highly competitive markets.

Naturally, all of this will lead to growth.

There is a lot of SalesTech out there, but not all of it is good

The quality of software varies greatly and businesses need to be very clear on what their objectives are prior to buying any SalesTech. There are currently over 900 vendors of sales technology (an increase of 15% on prior year) offering help in engagement, productivity and enablement, sales intelligence, pipeline & analytics and team management.

Here’s the kicker – every one looks great and will boast transformative business results.

Due diligence and professional advice are key - if not, you will lose money, time and perhaps your competitive edge.

There are some must haves – but you must use them to their full potential

Every business should be open to adopting the latest sales technology, however it’s equally important to get your existing TechStack in order first.

CRM is a fundamental system that must sit in every business no matter their size, however used incorrectly and it becomes nothing more than an expensive electrical Rolodex. It’ll provide little insight and quickly drain your administrative resources and your Sales team’s patience.

Beyond CRM, look to collaboration, predictive analytics and competitor monitoring/intelligence tools. These are must-haves that will quickly help you gain the competitive edge and achieve that often-illusive return on investment.

Training is the most important part of the implementation stage

So, you’ve reviewed your SalesTech stack, understood the gaps and opportunities in your business, written a killer business case proposal, got the budget approved and obtained the buy-in from the relevant decision makers… Phew! All done right? Wrong.

Now the real challenge begins…


Getting end-user adoption across the board is a mammoth task which begins with training your teams. This isn’t just a right click here, a copy this there, do it or else… teams must understand how to optimally use the tools, how to integrate them into their everyday workflow process and ultimately understand what the benefit is to them.

Collaboration with teams when buying sales tech is key, but failing to integrate it effectively through training will lead to adoption failure.


Need help building the perfect SalesTech stack?

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