Introducing Balance: A RADICAL New Way To Sell

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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Everything is awesome…Or is it?


Back on planet earth

Approaches like the waffle above have long plagued the reputation of sales, and rightly so. More often than not, they’re not honest, balanced nor credible. No wonder prospects shudder at the very thought of having to deal with a salesperson.

(we should probably take this early opportunity to apologise for the picture, but by now, you probably see where we're going)


It takes time to build, is challenging to maintain and takes just one wrong move to shatter.

It’s arguably one of the leading factors in successfully influencing those around you. We won’t fall foul to the platitude pushing of some sales articles, but perhaps we could agree that credibility is a solid foundation to establish trust, and trust is a big influencer in the likelihood of you selling?

So, how do you establish credibility with a complete stranger? Well, here’s a technique that could help you on your way. Yes, we mean could.

Consider the way that you interact with your current prospects. How balanced is your current sales pitch? Do you stress the unique, incredible, life-changing benefits of your business? Great job! That’s one way to control the narrative of a sale.

But consider this and it’s a shocker: no matter how much ‘awesomeness’ you throw at them, you can be sure they’re getting it from all angles. Awesomeness from here, awesomeness from there, it’s one big awesomeness party.

But you’re better than this. You’re an elite seller. You know selling is all about communicating the value of your business, right? Still not convinced. Ok… forget your business, you’re selling to the deeply rooted personal desires of the individual. It’s not about your product or service, but what doing business with you, will do for THEM.

Objections? Pfft, what objections. You know them inside and out. You’ve got rapport. You know what they have for breakfast, what drives them in life, what makes them tick.

Now, your success is in the hands of your prospect. Does the value of your awesomeness exceed that of your competition? Will your relationship conquer all?

Given the above, surely, it’s in the bag?

Not entirely...

The "B-side."

There’s another side to this narrative. Let’s call it the 'B-side’. The one undertaken by the prospect. The counter-argument. The risk assessment. Weights and measures. The balancing act.

Any seasoned buyer has been through this cycle dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. In fact, it’s expected. What you’ve failed to do thus far, was control or actively influence the narrative of the B-side. You’ve left it to them and potentially, your competition, to influence.

The power of presenting a balanced proposition is this: you’re decreasing the perception of bias whilst reducing the cognitive effort given by your prospect of having to consider the B-side.

It might look like balance, but you could be stacking the odds in your favour.

Ok – this time in plain English. You seem less biased, therefor more credible.

Your prospect will spend less time considering the things you didn’t say, ultimately, reducing the chance of them arriving at a conclusion that doesn’t favour you.

If you’ve openly addressed the areas in which your competition might exceed your business, or the areas where your business may not be so hot, you’re beginning to control the narrative of the B-side.

The prospect no longer needs to arrive at their own conclusion. You’ve already flipped the script: you’re being honest. Is it easier to trust an honest person? You be the judge of that one, but why leave the B-side to your prospect. Control it from the start by being part of the conversation. Then, you can use your Jedi-like interpersonal skills to help re-write the B-side narrative.

Don’t confuse this with what’s often referred to as uncovering ‘objections’ – this isn’t about finding out what could stop them from buying. It’s about silencing those alarm bells before they’re allowed to go off.

Take a moment to think about how you buy. When something seems too good to be true, what’s your first reaction? The same applies with your prospects. If your perfectly polished sales script/process has been executed without a hitch, could it actually be triggering the alarm?

Watch the shock/horror of your prospect when you compliment your competitors’ this or applaud your competitors’ that. What about being forthcoming about the things you’re working to improve?

Be brave and try it out, it might work wonders.

Or it might not.


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