CRM is in fashion! But is yours #functional?

A CRM system is the most fashionable must have this sales season... But is yours at least... functional? Your CRM system should be the centre of any sales tech stack and provide insightful support to your users. So, how does your CRM system measure up?

1. Does your CRM allow you to analyse your Sales Cycle?

A great CRM system allows a user to track their sales cycle and uncover business insight into the efficiency of their sales operations. The Sales Funnel process is managed, analysed, and benchmarked to discover performance indicators for best practice.

2. Can you create real-time and customisable reports?

Your reports will depend on what your business objectives are. Look for a system with the capability to not just run reports (from anywhere), but also create reports your organisation requires. Take the guesswork out of your decisions with your pipeline, individual performance, team management and loads more.

3. Are you automating the repeatable tasks of your sales process?

No? Automation isn’t used to cut corners, but to reduce administrative burden, reduce human error and create efficient processes for your sales teams to follow. Automation can range from a single task to more complex sequences for prospecting. Be warned – don’t remove personalisation, only automate when it adds real value.

4. Does your system allow you to customise?

This point is an obvious one: a CRM should fit your business and sales funnel, not the other way round. A functional CRM allows a user to create or modify fields, tables, processes and security settings to easily adjust the system when required.

5. Does your CRM fit snuggly with the rest of your tech?

Your CRM must operate effectively within your business by integrating with your other tools. There are various ways this can happen; here is a list of combinations you should expect at a basic level:

a) Calendar, e.g. Outlook, Gmail

b) Team communication, e.g. Slack

c) Lead Generation software, e.g. Apollo

Don’t accept a basic CRM system that doesn’t nail all of these features.

It will cost you your time, performance and... perhaps new business.


Did we miss any?

Are there any other fundamental features?

Leave your comment on Linkedin or below!

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