Calling Out The BIGGEST Myths in Sales - In 3 sentences Or Less

It’s 2019, the official year of social misinformation and micro-content. What better time than to put some prehistoric sales myths to bed in under 3 minutes. …In three sentences.

“Those who work harder are more successful”

Harder means “with a greater amount of effort”.

Optimal workers are more successful: they achieve the same output with less effort.

Bruce Lee: "The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be."

“Make more appointments than you can keep”

This is a great way to render yourself unemployable.

Ask ANY buyer, customer, prospect, consultant if this mantra is successful.

#3 stupidest platitude ever.

“Cold calling is dead”

Any stat you’ve ever read into the declining efficacy of cold calling has been produced by:

a) A competing tech platform

b) A call intelligence platform

"Your either born with it, or you’re not"

There is not - nor will there ever be – any study into proving any type of ‘x factor’ sales genome.

This is categorically, an ignorant phrase touted by insecure people.

Every person has the potential to be the master of their own destiny.

Your way is the best way

No: it’s the best way that you’re aware of.

A better way exists.

You should invest more time trying to find it.

“No means not yet

#2 stupidest sales platitude ever.

Data protection.


(This one warrants a 4th sentence: No means no.)

“Winning is everything”

Adversity is a gift.

It strengthens character and encourages personal development.

These are both good things.

"You make your own luck in sales"

How much do you know about quantum mechanics and causality?

Can you prove that the universe is deterministic, indeterministic or otherwise?

Luck definition: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.

"Buyer’s no longer need sellers"

According to the Demand Gen Buyers report 2019, they do.

All that’s changed is what they need from a seller.

Become the fount of information and content that the modern day buyer craves.

I must utilise data driven sales methods NOW!

There’s plenty of benefits to be drawn from data.

There’s also bias, inconsistency, misapplication, misunderstanding, misinterpretation.

Approach data driven sales with time, care and expertise.

Sales is an Art, Science or both

#1 stupidest sales platitude ever.

Ask yourself two questions:

“Who cares and why did this ever matter?!”


Did we miss any?

Can you dispel your biggest sales myth in 3 sentences?

Leave your comment on Linkedin or below!

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