5 Reasons Why Your Sales Results Are Not Super

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

These could be 5 reasons why you're not hitting the heights of a Sales Superhero... And they are SUPER SOLVABLE...

You could be accepting mediocrity

"Hi David, it's Tom (AGAIN). I just wondered if anything had moved your end since we last spoke?"

If you believe dropping a line to your big prospect once every couple of months is enough, you could be falling into a trap of mediocrity. Yep, I said it.

Try using all tools at your disposal. Take time and get strategic - proactively strategise how to communicate your business value to your prospect at various touch points. Calls? Of course, but follow up with ‘value add’ emails, share and post relevant articles (just for your prospect) on social media and if you want to get SUPER fancy create tailored landing pages showcasing what you know resonates with your target client and drop them the link.

Do it well, your big prospect will start to see you as a credible thought leader, someone to trust and a partner to engage with.

You may be afraid of the elephant in the room

There is a power struggle and formality between Buyers and Sellers!

No Sh*t Sherlock!

Bare with me... This veil of professionality means some BIG problems are occasionally swept under the carpet. You'd rather not have any difficult conversations that risks destroying the hard earned relationship and reputation you've been crafting over the last few months.

That’s fine right? The BIG problem could just, disappear.... Poof!

WRONG, don't quote me here, but 9 times out of 10 it catches up with you. A problem that has been festering for 6 months under the proverbial rug will be far more problematic to solve (and stinky).

What most sales professionals strive for and what buyers truly appreciate is an advisory partner that is confident enough to have the difficult conversation, identify the problem and couple it with a 'World Beater' solution all at once.

You aren't using your time wisely

Speaking of Elephants in the room! All sales professionals are weighed down by an admin requirement.

Manually completing your CRM system, updating your pipeline, writing reports for your weekly management meeting - the list of obstacles that drives down productivity is endless.

This is just part of the role, right?

Nope Grandma! It’s time to look to automation!

This may require a sales process review and investment to adopt sales tech that can introduce and facilitate automation, but the strong ROI from increased sales efficiency will really sweeten the capex requirement.

Go on... just type it into Google now... S-A-L-E-S A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-O-N

You might not be controlling the controllables

Not following a process is like thrashing around in a pitch black room hoping to come across the lightswitch.

Crash, Bang - there goes the 48 inch!

You're far more likely to hit the switch if you have been in this room before and know the destination.

Add a robust and proven sales process that you follow to the letter each time you contact a qualified lead. This process needs to be measured, automated (yep, look up, makes sense?) and standardised. If you get it right, hit the process milestones, you should be successful (almost) everytime.

And frankly, when you aren't successful, having a process to review makes it simple to uncover the reasons why and control the process better next time.

At this stage, you could be thinking - Tom, we have a process!

Good, but if it was created in 1962, it could probably do with a review (at least). Don't you think?

You could be relying too much on emails

Sending an email is super simple, quick and easy.

You don’t have to pick up the phone, you can control the dialogue and mull over responses before clicking Reply – you are in your safe space!

But you are missing out on an opportunity to tear down the formality I spoke about earlier. Make a personal promise - when you get your first email response from a prospect, pick up the phone straight away (unless they've told you the restraining order is in the mail). Use this time (whilst you're in the forefront of their mind) to introduce yourself at the very least and create cadence.

Let's be frank - it's unlikely they're going to come to your birthday party, but it could mean they're more likely to pick up the phone to you in the future.

Remember: number 1. RECEIVE THE EMAIL, number 2. PICK UP THE PHONE....


Did we miss any?

Can you add any Sales lessons you have learnt?

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