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A&N might be new,  but that doesn't mean we're any less effective; it just means we're hungrier to make a bigger impact...
Business Development specialists and obsessive about helping your business to grow: meet Alexander & Neighbour Founder, David Alexander Vipond

Alexander & Neighbour was founded in 2019 out of a need for growth-focused digital support services.

We set-out to create a business that understood the 'end-goal' of digital solutions better than any other business, focusing on the purpose of the solution, rather than the product in isolation. Furthermore, one that saw the bigger digital picture, and the importance of having a harmonious and unified tech stack.

Creative and technical, yes, but geared towards helping our partners grow. That's the goal. 


"We've always done it this way".

Sound familiar? 

Growth stalls when businesses stand still.


Technology and data is rapidly changing the way consumers and potential clients buy, making now a more crucial time than ever to adapt and evolve. 

We want to empower businesses by supporting them to ride the wave of digital change, leaving those who failed to adapt, stuck in the mud. 

Have you worked with a digital business who've overseen £320m in business revenue growth?

Well; that's what you get with A&N. We deliver our services with an equal balance of creativity and insightful business strategy. 

This means that we're not happy unless our work delivers a tangible return on your investment. 

- Coming soon -


Fully Managed Social Media Services. Those who know: know.

June 2020


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What do they say about us?

"David's help and guidance through mentoring allowed me to succeed in multiple goals, both in a personal and professional manner."

- Josh Abel
Business Development Director


Compass Group


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